Helpful Finds From My Journey to Islam

I was thinking yesterday during my long bout of procrastination (because I clearly did not want to finish my final papers for class) that it would fun to pass on things that have helped me in my journey to Islam as well as things I have found helpful in my first year as a Muslim. I have honestly read and found so much information over the past few years that it has sometimes been overwhelming to think I should remember it all. Thankfully a great deal has stuck Alhamdulilah but I will admit that not all of it has, which saddens me a little but my brain is only so much of a sponge.

I will have to say here that despite all of my suggestions below the Quran is and will always be the most important book for you to turn to regarding information about Islam. I hope to read the Quran fully during Ramadan this year InshaAllah.

One of the first websites I found was concerning the position of Women in Islam as many in the West have a bad perception of how women are treated. This website has many important topics including the status of women, their rights and equality in Islam. There are also sections on hijab, the virtues of women, veiling the face and women who don’t wear hijab. *Please know this is not my way of saying you MUST wear hijab as this is a personal choice and don’t let anyone tell you differently. But, I would suggest reading this section specifically if you are strongly interested in wearing hijab or if you feel it is not something you want to do.*

Women in Islam:


Another great outlet for learning is none other than Facebook! I don’t use Facebook for personal uses but do find that some of the groups on there are great to be subscribed to. Some of the information you catch just reading through is some of the most helpful I have come across (who knew being lazy and reading your news feed would be so helpful!). Below are the pages I found helpful for convert/revert sisters.

New Muslim Support Network:

Muslimahs United:

Muslim Revert Sisters Help Forum:

Ask About Islam:

First Steps for a New Muslim:


Another way I found answers to many questions or concerns I had was by viewing YouTube videos. While some of them were not necessarily scholarly in terms of the information provided, a lot of the channels I would subscribe to were women much like myself that were converts/reverts so I felt a closeness to them as they detailed their own personal journeys.

One of my ultimate favorite channels is that of ChelseyHijabLove. She is an AMAZING sister who has been extremely open in her life and what brought her to Islam. If you want to find a sister you can’t help but love watching, I would suggest subscribing to her channel!

Ummah Films is another channel I enjoyed watching at the beginning of my journey. Baba Ali talks about culture, never losing hope, hijab, accepting Islam and your deen.

Another great sister is Nye, she is also a convert/revert and is honestly a blessing to watch. She touches on topics that converts/reverts can easily relate to. She also introduces you to another sister, Rebecca, who is also wonderful to watch. She had an old channel that she no longer posts to but her videos are still up. She now has a newer channel which I will list below as well.

Old channel:

New channel:

The last channel I will provide is that of Khalifahklothing. This channel includes videos by many different individuals providing information on Islam, the Quran and in some cases how each of them chose to come to Islam. My favorite person on this channel is Yusuf Estes, I tell you this man is so inspirational Alhamdulilah!

I hope at least some of this is helpful to you!

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